The Environmental Forum

Volume 39 Issue 2

March-April 2022

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Earth's Electronic Skin

LEAD FEATURE The Internet of Things brings billions of electronic devices into our daily activities, the places we live, and the natural environment. Do we know if we’re making the planet smarter—or outsmarting it?

By Kasantha Moodley and Andrew Li
Environmental Law Institute, Environmental Law Institute

With SIDEBARS by a scholar of devices and by an industry IoT advocate

White house surrounded by smoke

CENTERPIECE A daunting restoration backlog in National Forests fuels the wildfire crisis. With increased funding coming, significant policy and litigation obstacles still stand in the way of forest restoration

By Jonathan Wood
Property and Environment Research Center
Staying Within the Guardrails

COVER STORY Costs, benefits, risk, and equity are but a few of the inputs into a “dashboard approach,” allowing more intelligent rulemaking and avoiding regulatory clunkers

By Daniel Farber
UC Berkeley

With SIDEBARS by a proponent and by an opponent of cost-benefit analysis 

Jordan Diamond sitting on grass and looking off to the side

PROFILE To ELI’s new president, durable solutions to today’s environmental challenges require always thinking about what comes next—and using data and processes to enable long-term change from the start.

By Akielly Hu
Environmental Law Institute
By: David P. Clarke

Illuminating PFAS Risks Among EPA Program's Top Challenges

By: Craig M. Pease

Law Demands Dollars, Standards, Protocols—and So Too Science

By: Linda K. Breggin

Most Cities Well Off the Pace to Meet Needed Clean Energy Goals 

By: Sally R. K. Fisk

Meeting ESG Goals Will Require Rapid Action Across All Sectors 

By: Bethany A. Davis Noll

A Battle Over Major Questions Is Brewing in the High Court 

By: Ethan Shenkman

New Infrastructure Law Will Require Help to Achieve Goals 

By: Joseph E. Aldy

Declining Fossil Fuel Prices May Slow Progress in Decarbonization

By: Bob Sussman

Incentives Take Center Stage, With Mandates an Endangered Species

By: Akielly Hu

Keep track of colleagues' job changes and honors.

By: Oliver Houck

Oliver Houck on the Tale of a High Court Blockbuster

By: Stephen R. Dujack, By: Akielly Hu
By: Akielly Hu

ELI Points to Litigation at Glasglow Climate Conference

By: Amy Reed

Addressing the Hidden Health Risks of Cooking 

By: Jordan Diamond

Jordan Diamond on Complex Challenges and Solutions