The Environmental Forum

Volume 34 Issue 4

July-August 2017

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Higher Ground

ELI POLICY BRIEF ❧ After a disaster, acquiring flood-ravaged homes and businesses from willing sellers moves people and property out of risky areas and reduces future damage costs. Once acquired, these lots also can be used for a variety of projects, providing recreational and habitat amenities.

By Rebecca Kihslinger
Environmental Law Institute
A Zero-Carbon Future

ELI PRESS ❧ Complete elimination of fossil fuels may be necessary before the end of the century, and most likely much earlier. A major challenge is finding legal means to achieve that. If done right, these methods will benefit not only the environment but also society.

By John C. Dernbach
Widener University Law School
Climate Drones

ENVIRONMENTAL LAW REPORTER ❧ The unmanned aircraft phenomenon is just starting to catch on in the area of environmental monitoring and enforcement. There is immense potential for using drones to maximize an operation’s efficiencies while also reducing its environmental impact.

By James Satterlee
Stinson Leonard Street LLP
A Durable Peace

TESTIMONY ❧ If the environment is destroyed during armed conflict, parties will have trouble maintaining a lasting settlement and achieving sustainable development goals. A UN special rapporteur opines on peacebuilding’s important, overlooked ecological component.

By Marie G. Jacobsson
UN International Law Commission
By: David P. Clarke

Will White House policies stall the country’s clean energy economy?

By: Craig M. Pease

TSCA reform wherein ccience gets written into a federal statute.

By: Linda K. Breggin

Attorneys General key players as states chime in on federal policy.

By: Kathleen Barrón

Harmonizing state environmental policies and wholesale markets.

By: Richard Lazarus

Will Justice Gorsuch on Water Act prove different than Scalia would?

By: Ethan Shenkman

Exploring how to help clients navigate the policy environment.

By: Robert N. Stavins

Will the Trump Administration realize the many benefits of Paris?

By: Gabrielle H. Williamson

Revised energy-efficiency labeling system: clearer and more effective.

By: Lee R. Epstein

A reader has a problem with a book we reviewed.

By: G. Tracy Mehan III

Take a journey on the Kuznets Curve.