The Environmental Forum

Volume 41 Issue 1

January-February 2024

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Deep in the Weeds - Environmental Forum January-February 2024

OPENING ARGUMENT Why are we losing the fight against invasive species? For the past five years, I’ve been studying the way we manage buffelgrass in the Sonoran Desert, and thinking about what that tells us about effective policies and programs for better habitat governance.

By Elizabeth Baldwin
University of Arizona

With SIDEBARs from the National Zoo and the National Invasive Species Council

Right to Water Dilemma - Environmental Forum January-February 2024

BRIEFING On the 50th anniversary of the Safe Drinking Water Act, the U.S. still faces huge implementation challenges. Meanwhile, other countries are struggling to establish their own systems at the most basic level.

By Sam Li and Adam Carpenter
Walsh School of Foreign Service & McDonough School of Business, American Water Works Association

With a SIDEBAR by Christian Holmes of Boston Consulting Group

Time Is of the Essence - Environmental Forum January-February 2024

COVER STORY The United States and other nations are quickly facing the point of no return on climate change. Stronger measures are needed to turn the rising fossil fuel tide. We can start by reining in oil and gas exports and turning off the subsidy spigot feeding the fossil fuel industry.

By Larry Schweiger and Jeremy Symons
Author, Symons Public Affairs

With SIDEBARs by Rich Powell and Robert McKinstry Jr.

Founding the Forum - Environmental Forum January-February 2024

40th ANNIVERSARY The magazine’s emphasis today on people and policy is at the core of its original mission, according to the magazine’s first editor in this reminiscence on the magazine’s early years during a period of intense lawmaking, regulation, and litigation.

By Bud Ward
Editor, 1982-86
The Debate: The New Toxic Substances Control Act Is Now Five Years Old: A Report

THE DEBATE The 1985 agreement on climate change requires parties to carry out a global “stocktake” every five years to evaluate collective progress toward achieving long-term goals and purposes. The Environmental Law Institute invited an expert group to form our inaugural Firestone Policy Forum panel, held on the afternoon of the annual Award Dinner in October, to discuss how much progress has been made nationally and globally in meeting greenhouse gas reduction targets.

By Scott Fulton, Susan Biniaz, Angela Barranco, Jennifer Huang, Charles Di Leva and Marshall Shepherd
Environmental Law Institute, Department of State, Climate Group, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, Sustainability Frameworks, LLP, University of Georgia
By: David P. Clarke

EJ, Climate Change Procedures Result in CEQ NEPA Controversy.

By: Craig M. Pease

The Farm Bill’s Outsized Role in Scientific Research in Agriculture.

By: Linda K. Breggin

California Breaks New Ground With Climate Accountability Laws.

By: Brian D. Israel

Time for Private Practitioners to Recognize That ESG Is Everywhere.

By: Bethany A. Davis Noll

A Scorecard on the Cases Seeking to Stop Atlantic Offshore Wind.

By: Bruce Rich

While the World Burns, Dubious Evasions in Climate Negotiations.

By: Joseph E. Aldy

Using Trade Policy to Ensure a Level Climate Policy Playing Field.

By: Stephen R. Dujack

The Forum Celebrates 40 Years of Advancing Environmental Protection.

By: Lynn Scarlett

On Biodiversity Versus Climate Change.

By: ELI Staff

See Colleagues' Job Changes And Honors Received.

By: Nick Collins

Climate Scientist Receives Annual Achievement Award.

By: Jordan Diamond

On "Whole of Society" Approach.