The Environmental Forum

Volume 35 Issue 1

January-February 2018

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Not as Simple as It Sounds

LEAD FEATURE ❧ The notion of businesses tackling climate change on their own, for financial reasons or for the public good, is fraught with assumptions that prove false on examination. But companies could still play a much more active role in transitioning to a low-carbon future.

By Mark C. Trexler

With SIDEBARs by a progressive businessman and a leading scholar.

Under Siege — Again

CENTERPIECE ❧ Federal environmental enforcement is threatened under EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, echoing the Anne Gorsuch years. But enforcement provides the force that is needed both in achieving compliance and in encouraging responsible companies to innovate and reduce costs.

By Cheryl E. Wasserman
Environmental Governance Institute International
The Circular Economy in Action

COVER STORY ❧ The companies best prepared to reap the benefits of a waste-free society will be those that understand that the traditional linear model of resource extraction to disposal is ultimately unsustainable. Leadership businesses are powering the transition.

By Thomas Singer
The Conference Board

With SIDEBARs by a leading expert, a businesswoman, and an NGO official

Achim Steiner

TESTIMONY ❧ As humanity confronts the greatest challenges in its history, society must realize that legal principles are fundamental to realizing our aspirations while avoiding planetary catastrophe.

By Achim Steiner
United Nations Development Programme
The Debate

HEADNOTE ❧ Over the decades, states have developed the expertise and capacity for ensuring environmental protection. With the Trump administration’s proposed downsizing of EPA’s budget and staffing and renewed focus on states, decisionmakers and stakeholders have a timely opportunity to rethink the paradigm of cooperative federalism and environmental protection.

By: David P. Clarke

Pruitt’s “Sue and Settle” directive unsettles activists, gratifies states.

By: Craig M. Pease

By his acts, Administrator Pruitt endorses the Club of Rome report.

By: Linda K. Breggin

Reports: cities need to plan now for flooding from sea-level rise.

By: Kathleen Barrón

A shift in the air, as transportation moves to a lower-carbon future.

By: Richard Lazarus

Justice Gorsuch faces a case where neither choice is entirely satisfactory.

By: Ethan Shenkman

Grappling with the “power to delay” as regulations undergo changes.

By: Robert N. Stavins

Benefits and difficulties of policy linkage under the Paris Agreement.

By: Bruce Rich

Of econs and humans — theory, moral licensing, and crowding out.

By: Oliver A. Houck

Oliver Houck on water and grass in the American West.

By: Stephen R. Dujack

News on deaths from pollution, warming gets even worse.

By: Laura Frederick

Colleagues' new jobs, promotions, and achievements.

By: Laura Frederick

UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner wins 2017 ELI Award.

By: Tobie Bernstein

Empowering tenants to tackle indoor air quality issues.

By: Scott Fulton

Scott Fulton on changing with a changing climate.