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The Debate: Racial Justice Means Environmental Justice

The Debate: Racial Justice Means Environmental Justice


Melinda Downing - U.S. Department of Energy, Marianne Engelman-Lado - Vermont Law School, Rev. Michael Malcom - The People's Justice Council, Ruth Santiago - Comité Diálogo Ambiental, Inc., Gerald Torres - Yale School of the Environment, Tseming Yang - Santa Clara University

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With the ascendancy of the Movement for Black Lives, the media and the Twitterverse have duly noticed that racial justice includes environmental justice, and that higher loads of pollution are an overwhelming factor in too many communities of color. But just because the problems are becoming well known doesn’t mean that solutions are obvious. How do we capitalize on heightened public interest in environmental justice to ensure that all people share equally in both the benefits and the burdens of American society?