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The Debate: Environment 2021: What Comes Next?

The Debate: Environment 2021: What Comes Next?


Seema Kakade - University of Maryland, James McElfish - Environmental Law Institute, Granta Nakayama - King & Spalding, Vickie Patton - Environmental Defense Fund

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In late 2019, research staff at the Institute began hearing from the profession and other members of the ELI community a desire for an update on what they saw as highly important changes coming from many sources in the pollution and conservation arena through rulemakings, executive orders, enforcement decisions, and other means. The result was Environment 2021: What Comes Next?

In its wake, ELI’s annual Policy Forum took stock of the dramatic actions of the Trump administration in the environmental space, but panelists were also forward-looking. What aspects of the administration’s work may prove durable? What aspects are likely to change?