Mid-Atlantic States Join Forces to Advance Offshore Wind Energy
June 2013

(Washington, DC) — In coordination with the Environmental Law Institute (ELI), the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council on the Ocean (MARCO) has released A Guide to State Management of Offshore Wind Energy in the Mid-Atlantic Region. The guide provides an overview of the issues affecting offshore wind energy projects in the region and identifies the basic elements of state authority to address resource concerns and competing uses such as navigation and fishing.

Local Elected Officials Hold Keys to America's Wind Energy Future
February 2013

(Washington, DC) — The Environmental Law Institute (ELI) today released a guide to the key issues local elected officials will face when deciding where to site large wind energy facilities. The nation’s local governments will be dealing with the more than 100 new commercial scale wind farms that will be sited across America this year, and with thousands more to come in the next decade. With 60,000 megawatts of wind energy facilities already in place, this is the fastest growing source of electric power generation in American communities.