Food Sovereignty and Self Governance: the Inuit Role in Managing Arctic Marine Resources

The Arctic is undergoing rapid and immense ecological, economic, and social change impacting the food security of Inuit and other Indigenous peoples who are the region’s first inhabitants, stewards, and traditional users. Inuit communities are increasingly engaging national, state, and territorial governments through co-management institutions to manage subsistence resources in a manner reflecting the United States and Canadian governments’ unique obligations to Indigenous Peoples and to safeguard the Arctic’s marine environment.

Handbook: Model Alaska Native Consultation Procedures

Government-to-government consultation is an opportunity for better U.S. Arctic management decisions that are built on an exchange of views and perspectives with Alaska Natives. However, our past research showed that consultation had often failed to live up to its potential. The Handbook attempts to change that by providing a tool to support Alaska Natives as they develop their own policies and procedures for consultation, with a specific focus on marine mammal issues.