A Long and Bumpy Road
Jeremy Bernstein - Inside EPA
Inside EPA
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by Henry Payne

COVER STORY ❧ Trump and Congress plan to trim back the Democrats’ environmental achievements, decrying the cost to business and consumers and substituting what GOP leaders argue is more savvy regulation. They may succeed, but there are numerous obstacles in their path.

Are Market Mechanisms Moral?
Morality Matters at the Climate Conference
Climate Policy Requires Markets — and Equity
Markets Alone Can't Produce Social Justice
Markets Are Mostly Moral — But It Depends
Markets Can Be Socially Responsible
Tapping Our Better Nature to Solve Global Woes
Leslie Carothers - Environmental Law Institute
Joel Darmstadter - Resources for the Future
Caroline Farrell - Center on Race, Poverty, and The Environment
Stephen F. Harper - Intel Corporation
Bob Perciasepe - Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
Lucia A. Silecchia - Catholic University of America
Environmental Law Institute
Resources for the Future
Center on Race, Poverty, and The Environment
Intel Corporation
Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
Catholic University of America
Current Issue

While using all available tools may seem wise when faced with the formidable challenges presented by climate change, there are moral authorities — including Pope Francis — who have cautioned against blind acceptance of one popular approach, market-based mechanisms.

Growing the Grid
Peter Behr - EnergyWire
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The Clean Power Plan’s success hinges on reformation of the transmission lines that link generators and consumers of electrical energy. Congress has the responsibility for creating a durable policy framework for the 21st century’s power infrastructure.

Climate Canaries
Barry E. Hill - Vermont Law School
Caitlin O'Sullivan -
Vermont Law School
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The people of Bangladesh are already suffering from the effects of global warming, serving as an early-warning indicator of its ultimate imprint on humanity as a whole. But for right now, the developed world owes the poor countries assistance in their struggle.