A Framework for Understanding the Relationship Between Environmental Liability and Managerial Decisions Affecting Pollution Prevention
Environmental Law Institute
Date Released
September 1993

This report analyzes the current state of several specific types of environmental liability and how managers might react to information about potential environmental liability. The report then describes the management and accounting systems typically used to provide managers with information to be used in decision making and analyzes how information about liability is used in the various management systems and identifies some problems with the way this information is used by management.

Big Data and Environmental Protection: An Initial Survey of Public and Private Initiatives
Linda K. Breggin and Judith Amsalem
Date Released
July 2014
Big Data and Environmental Protection

Big data sets and analytics increasingly are being used by government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and private firms to forward environmental protection. Improving energy efficiency, promoting environmental justice, tracking climate change, and monitoring water quality are just a few of the objectives being furthered by the use of big data. This paper provides examples of the many ways big data sets and analytics are being used to achieve environmental and sustainability goals.

Private Environmental Governance

Corporations and other non-governmental entities now regularly work to develop voluntary agreements, standards and other practices aimed at fostering sustainability and reducing environmental impacts.  This growth in “private governance” is implemented through various vehicles, including collective standard-setting, certifications, supply chain agreements, and other mechanisms.