Linking Climate Change and Invasive Species Policies

Whether through habitat fragmentation, shifting temperature regimes, opening up new invasion pathways, or other mechanisms, climate change will deeply affect invasive species management. ELI studies the interactions between climate change and invasive species management and works to increase consideration of climate in aquatic invasive species management and to guide development of policies for movement of species internationally.


Answer Constitutional Challenges to New Climate Change Initiatives

New legal initiatives to address climate change are gaining traction, but the history of environmental law in the United States teaches that every aspect of any new legal regime will be aggressively tested in the courts. The nascent efforts to control climate change are no exception and already face constitutional challenges in federal courts on multiple fronts. For example, industry argues both that the federal government lacks the authority to regulate greenhouse gases and that state regulations should be pre-empted by federal authority.

Energy at ELI: Greening Our National Energy Transformation

America’s energy economy is undergoing a set of profound shifts that are placing new demands on laws and policies. If current legal and institutional conditions are left alone, they will thwart the rapid adoption of cleaner energy and produce perverse environmental results from all forms of energy development, both old and new. ELI presses under-recognized, but key legal reforms that will green this energy transformation.