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December 2016 Workshop Findings

December 2016 Workshop Findings

December 5-6, 2016, Washington, DC


Prior to the workshop, ELI distributed selected short readings for participants to review. These readings introduced basic elements of the ethics of uncertainty in science, law, and journalism, and covered topical matters pertaining to climate change and to genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the subject of a case study that was the centerpiece of this workshop. ELI also distributed documents presenting hands-on “opportunities”— some working drafts and projects that emerged from the previous workshop, on which participant feedback, comments, and active participation were invited. Additionally, at the workshop, ELI made available hard copies of several longer, more technical articles and materials, many of which documents were authored by workshop participants. These materials set the stage for the discussions that occurred throughout the two-day workshop, exploring communication of scientific uncertainty on environmental and public health issues and discussing potential future action.

  • Click here to read the full workshop proceedings document (pdf)