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Research Reports

ELI publishes Research Reports available for free download that present the analysis and conclusions of the policy studies ELI undertakes to improve environmental law and policy. These reports contribute to education of the profession and disseminate diverse points of view and opinions to stimulate a robust and creative exchange of ideas. Those publications, which express opinions of the authors and not necessarily those of the Institute, its Board of Directors, or funding organizations, exemplify ELI’s commitment to dialogue with all sectors.

An Analysis of State Superfund Programs: 50-State Study 1993 Update

John A. Pendergrass, Environmental Law Institute
January 1994

This 1993 update to our popular series, the study examines the cleanup programs of all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. The study provides a snapshot of state statutes, program organization, staffing, funding, expenditures, cleanup standards, and cleanup activities. Read More >

ELI Research Brief #1 - New Uses for Old Tools: Protecting Biodiversity and Preventing Pollution Under Existing Laws

John Pendergrass, Environmental Law Institute
December 1993

Pollution prevention, rather than "end of the pipe" treatment of effluent, has recently emerged as the preferred strategy in the reduction of industrial emissions. By signing the Biodiversity Treaty in 1993, President Clinton signaled U.S. recognition that protecting the global ecosystem is one of the planet`s principal challenges. New Uses for Old Tools demonstrates that the U.S. EPA can accomplish these goals without the addition of new regulations or laws. Read More >

ELI Research Brief #2 - Reauthorizing Superfund: Lessons from the States

James M. McElfish Jr. & John Pendergrass, Environmental Law Institute
December 1993

Forty-nine U.S. states have individual "Superfund Laws" providing for the cleanup of hazardous sites through combinations of liability and public funding. The conclusion of this research brief is that as Congress considers amendments to the federal Superfund law, it should draw on the experiences of the states. Reauthorizing Superfund discusses and summarizes the key lessons from four comprehensive ELI studies on state superfund programs. Read More >

Facility Inspections Under a Water Discharge Permitting Program

Margaret Bowman, Environmental Law Institute
December 1993