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Research Reports

ELI publishes Research Reports available for free download that present the analysis and conclusions of the policy studies ELI undertakes to improve environmental law and policy. These reports contribute to education of the profession and disseminate diverse points of view and opinions to stimulate a robust and creative exchange of ideas. Those publications, which express opinions of the authors and not necessarily those of the Institute, its Board of Directors, or funding organizations, exemplify ELI’s commitment to dialogue with all sectors.

Five Things to Consider When Developing and Adapting Water Policies and Programs

Five Things to Consider When Developing and Adapting Water Policies and Programs in the West

Marion Boulicault & Adam Schempp
January 2014

This guidebook identifies common factors that influence the success of water policies or programs in the prior appropriation context, and provides examples of each factor to further clarify the issue. The guidebook is intended to help decision-makers at the state and local levels develop new policies and programs that are best tailored to navigate potential obstacles to achieving the desired outcomes. Read More >

Geospatial NEPA for Ocean and Coastal Environments Approaches, Policies, and Pos

Geospatial NEPA for Ocean and Coastal Environments: Approaches, Policies, and Possibilities

Kathryn Mengerink, David Roche, Jordan Diamond, and Jay Austin
January 2014

“Geospatial NEPA” is designed to facilitate access and information sharing by aggregating NEPA documents and geospatial data in a map-based data system. ELI is developing the concept and drafted a report on approaches, policies, and possibilities for this new vision of NEPA review. Read More >