Sustainable Fisheries & Coastal Zoning in Curaçao: Legal & Institutional Assessment of Authorities & Approaches

Read D. Porter, Kathryn Mengerink, and Bruce Myers
Date Released
July 2016

In February 2015, the Government of Curaçao and the Waitt Institute signed a memorandum of understanding to launch Blue Halo Curaçao (BHC), a comprehensive ocean and coastal management initiative with a goal of achieving the sustainable management of Curaçao’s ocean and coastal waters. BHC seeks to develop a Curaçao Sustainable Ocean Policy that will ensure long-term health of Curaçao’s waters through ocean zoning, protected areas, and fisheries reforms. This Report is intended to provide a strong legal and institutional foundation for Blue Halo Curaçao by exploring how existing legal authorities contribute to ocean management in Curaçao and how they can be used to support the Curaçao Sustainable Ocean Policy.

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