State Wetland Program Evaluation: Phase III

Environmental Law Institute
Date Released
March 2007

ELI is currently conducting a multi-phased study designed to describe and analyze seven "core" components of state wetland programs: state laws, regulations, and programs; monitoring and assessment; restoration programs and activities; water quality standards; public-private partnerships; coordination among state and federal agencies; and education and outreach activities.  Each phase of the study examines a cross-section of states representing various approaches to wetland protection and regulation, as well as geographic diversity. State Wetland Program Evaluation: Phase III includes profiles of Alabama, California, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, New Mexico, South Dakota, Virginia, and Wyoming. State Wetland Program Evaluation: Phase I, released in 2005, and State Wetland Program Evaluation: Phase II, released in 2006, each evaluated 12 state programs. ELI will profile the remaining 13 states in one additional phase, anticipated for completion later in 2007.  This study is made possible by a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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