Legal Context for Nearshore Marine Spatial Planning in Bermuda

Read D. Porter, David Roche, Kathryn Mengerink, Bruce Myers
Date Released
May 2016
Legal Context for Nearshore Marine Spatial Planning in Bermuda Report Cover

Bermuda's nearshore marine environment is a critical economic, environmental, and social resource for the Bermudian people. Bermuda can more effectively manage the uses of its marine environment by undertaking marine spatial planning (MSP) for its nearshore waters. MSP is a public process that organizes human activity in marine areas in time and space to meet environmental, economic, and social objectives.

This report seeks to support the development of a strong and effective MSP process in Bermuda by providing a thorough evaluation of the legal and institutional context governing Bermuda's marine environment and identifying the legal building blocks needed to place a MSP process on a secure and sustainable footing.

The evaluation provides a foundation for understanding: 1) how MSP may intersect with current law governing activities in the ocean, 2) how those laws are deployed in practice to direct where and when particular activities can occur, and 3) what legislation is needed to effectively implement an effective MSP process in Bermuda.

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