Improving In-Lieu Fee Program Implementation: Programmatic Audits

Rebecca Kihslinger, Akielly Hu, Erin Okuno, and Royal Gardner
Date Released
August 2021
Improving In-Lieu Fee Program Implementation: Programmatic Audits

This resource is part of a series of comprehensive guides on some of the most challenging components of ILF program implementation identified through extensive research and interviews with operating ILF programs and other mitigation stakeholders. These guides help address perennial problems for ILF programs by identifying specific challenges, providing detailed recommendations on ways to meet these challenges, and including examples or case studies of programs to illustrate effective approaches to implementation. This guide provides information on what to expect from a programmatic audit, including guidance on what information programs should include in their program instruments regarding programmatic audits, as well as model language for audit provisions. It also includes information on how programs can prepare for a programmatic audit, such as common questions auditors may ask and a list of the documents programs can prepare in advance.