Halting the Invasion: State Tools for Invasive Species Management

Meg Filbey, Christina Kennedy, Jessica Wilkinson, Jennifer Balch
Date Released
August 2002
Halting the Invasion:  State Tools for Invasive Species Management

Non-native invasive species significantly threaten the ecological integrity of our nation`s natural systems. They displace native plants and animals, disrupt ecological processes, upset the stability of our ecosystems, and can permanently change our natural landscapes. Even though many invasive species are not regulated or controlled federally, states have passed a wide array of laws designed to address invasive species problems. This report analyzes the current legal tools available at the state level to combat invasive species and identifies seventeen state tools that are grouped into five categories, prevention, regulation, control and management, enforcement and implementation, and coordination. Each tool is discussed in detail with examples of strong and intermediate state policies provided. Lastly, the study provides recommendations for states to build on their existing invasive species tools with the hope that all states will strive to achieve the outlined gold standard.