Floodplain Buyouts: An Action Guide for Local Governments on How to Maximize Community Benefits, Habitat Connectivity, and Resilience

Environmental Law Institute, University of North Carolina Institute for the Environment
Date Released
April 2017
Floodplain Buyouts: An Action Guide for Local Governments (Cover)

This Action Guide is designed to help local governments across the country leverage hazard mitigation buyouts to protect, restore, and connect habitats in local communities. Greatly informed by the information gathered through in-depth case studies and conversations with key players in local buyout programs, the Guide highlights management approaches that will be useful and practicable for the local officials and managers who have the ability to target their acquisitions in ways that improve habitat connectivity and resilience while also reducing flood hazards.

Looking for our Handbook for wetland and conservation agencies or organizations? Find it and more information on our Floodplain Buyouts page.

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