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Conversations with Environmental Disruptors

ELI Innovation Lab LogoWelcome to Environmental Disruptors, a podcast series presented by the ELI Innovation Lab, an initiative of the Environmental Law Institute working to drive environmental performance. Environmental Disruptors,  a new series from ELI's People Places Planet Podcast, features a diverse set of innovators (including entrepreneurs and inventors and government officials), and shares stories of their work to disrupt systems to create a more equitable and sustainable world.

The ELI Innovation Lab explores advancements driven by scientific breakthroughs, new technologies, policies and other key catalysts that will inevitably reshape the future of sustainability. We explore innovations with the potential to disrupt current systems, enhance environmental performance, and reduce environmental harm, while considering their feasibility and opportunities to scale. The ELI Innovation Lab advances enterprising ideas by engaging passionate innovators who have the means to develop and implement change. 

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An estimated 25 million tons of fish is used in animal feed per year. Is there an alternative to feeding livestock from limited marine resources? In this inaugural episode of Environmental Disruptors, Kasantha Moodley, ELI’s Manager of Innovation and Governance, interviews the co-founders of Grubbly Farms, Patrick Pittaluga and Sean Warner. They discuss the beginnings of Grubby Farms, a fly farming operation, an idea that if scaled, could avoid exploiting the ocean’s limited resources, to feed livestock.

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