Blue Halo Montserrat

A project to ensure long-term health of Montserrat’s waters and communities

Blue Halo Montserrat


In February 2015, the Government of Montserrat and the Waitt Institute signed a memorandum of understanding to launch Blue Halo Montserrat, a comprehensive ocean and coastal management project with a goal of sustainable management of Montserrat’s ocean and coastal waters. BHM seeks to develop a Montserrat Sustainable Ocean Policy that will ensure long-term health of Montserrat’s waters and communities through ocean zoning, protected areas, and fisheries reforms.

The first major report from Blue Halo Montserrat provides a strong legal foundation by exploring how existing legal authorities contribute to ocean management in Montserrat and how they can be used to support the Montserrat Sustainable Ocean Policy.


Montserrat  REPORT: Sustainable Fisheries & Coastal Zoning in Montserrat


A wide range of laws and policies govern use of the ocean in Montserrat, ranging from sector specific authorities such as the Fisheries Act to very broad legislation—most notably, the Conservation and Environmental Management Act of 2014 (CEMA), which addresses issues from protected areas to maritime pollution. Similarly, while some statutes like CEMA are modern, others are dated and in some cases, such as offshore renewable energy, do not yet exist. After providing an overview on Montserrat’s legal system, this Report reviews the applicable laws, regulations, and policies that are most relevant, with a particular focus on fisheries and coastal zoning.

The mission of the work is to help protect Montserrat’s waters and communities, and in the process, support a sustainable future for Montserrat and its people.