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External Speaking Engagements

ELI staff are often asked to speak or participate at conferences and workshops hosted by other groups and organizations. Recent and upcoming engagements are listed below. Visit the Events Calendar for a list of official ELI events.

November 2020

2020 National Lawyers Convention
November 9-13, 2020
Webinar only

On Monday, November 9, ELI President Scott Fulton will sit on the panel, EPA Turns 50: A Debate on Environmental Progress and Regulatory Overreach, as part of the Federalist Society's 2020 National Lawyers Convention. Marking EPA’s Golden Anniversary, this panel will reflect on EPA’s past and present, while also looking ahead to EPA’s future.  What can we expect from the EPA over the next 50 years?  What role should the agency continue to play in environmental protection and what should be its focus?  Are reforms necessary to increase accountability and transparency at EPA?  Is EPA ignoring the true costs and benefits of its regulations? Will EPA ever reach an enduring regulatory approach to topics like “Waters of the United States” and climate change? What steps should Congress take to ensure that EPA is right-sized with the resources needed to tackle the environmental challenges of the next 50 years? Should some of EPA’s powers and programs be returned to the States? Moderated by one of the newest judges on the Ninth Circuit, the panel of experts – with current and former EPA leaders from both sides of the aisle – will provide crucial insights into these and other questions. For more information, visit https://fedsoc.org/conferences/2020-national-lawyers-convention#agenda-item-environmental-law-property-rights-1.

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