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External Speaking Engagements

ELI staff are often asked to speak or participate at conferences and workshops hosted by other groups and organizations. Recent and upcoming engagements are listed below. Visit the Events Calendar for a list of official ELI events.

August 2019

World Water Week
August 25-30, 2019
Stockhom, Sweden

Jessica Troell, Director of ELI’s International Water Program and its Africa Program, will be in Stockholm, Sweden, for this year’s World Water Week. Hosted and organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), World Water Week is the leading annual global event for concretely addressing the planet’s water issues and related concerns of international development. Functioning as an open and dynamic platform, World Water Week enables participants to build capacity, form partnerships, and review implementation, thereby advancing the world’s water, environment, health, livelihood and poverty reduction agendas. This year’s theme is “Water for Society: Including All.” On Tuesday, August 27, Ms. Troell will participate in Community-Based Water Tenure: An Innovative Global Framework and Analysis, and on Thursday, August 29, she will be a panelist for Water Governance With and For All: Is It Working?  For details, visit https://www.worldwaterweek.org/.


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