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External Speaking Engagements

ELI staff are often asked to speak or participate at conferences and workshops hosted by other groups and organizations. Recent and upcoming engagements are listed below. Visit the Events Calendar for a list of official ELI events.

June 2018

PRIO Policy Briefing: Natural Resource Revenue Management in the Global South - A Blessing or a Curse?
June 18, 2018
PRIO, Hausmanns gate 3, Oslo

How can transparency help in transforming natural resource revenues in developing countries into a blessing rather than a curse? Attend this policy briefing to learn about the key results of the Transparency and Accountability in Managing High-Value Natural Resources (TrAcRevenues) project. Since 2014, TrAcRevenues has focused on the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative and the Government of Ghana’s transparency initiatives in oil sector revenue management in Ghana. The briefing will focus on the project’s key findings and their policy implications. Carl Bruch, Director of ELI's International Programs, will be participating. For more, visit https://www.prio.org/Events/Event/?x=8648.

July 2018

Beheading Dragons: Streamlining China’s Environmental Governance
July 12, 2018
Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington, DC

On July 12, 2018, the China Environment Forum welcomes three speakers to unpack the drivers and impacts of this major reform in China. Liu Zhuoshi (Environmental Law Institute) will detail how legal and regulatory authorities around pollution and climate issues are changing. He will also reflect on hurdles Chinese government faces to expand these reforms at the subnational level. Hu Tao (WWF - U.S.) will explore how the new MEE could act more holistically to manage complex pollution issues, like a better coordination on the joint management of air pollution and carbon emission regulations. Liu Shuang (Energy Foundation China) will reflect on the implication of China’s recent governance reforms on efforts to create a national carbon emissions trading systems and what other policies and institutional changes are needed to make it succeed. For more, visit https://www.wilsoncenter.org/event/beheading-dragons-streamlining-chinas-environmental-governance.

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