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External Speaking Engagements

ELI staff are often asked to speak or participate at conferences and workshops hosted by other groups and organizations. Recent and upcoming engagements are listed below. Visit the Events Calendar for a list of official ELI events.


Tackling Wasted Food with Smart Technology 
September 25, 2017, 3:30 – 4:30 pmWastecon Logo
Baltimore, Maryland

The adoption of smart technologies are creating new economic opportunities to reduce food waste and increase food waste recycling back into the production as energy and nutrients following processing via composting or anaerobic digestion. This session of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) World Congress & WASTECON® 2017 (September 25-27, 2017) brings together speakers from organizations and companies representing new and innovative uses of smart technologies to reduce food waste. The session will follow the structure of the EPA’s Food Recovery Hierarchy of reduction (preventing wasted food at the source), reuse (donating wasted food leftovers) and recycling (as energy or nutrient products following processing).  

Organizer and Moderator: Carol Adaire Jones, Environmental Law Institute

Speakers: Katy Franklin, Manager, Business & Multistakeholder Programs, ReFED, New York; Andrew Shakman, President & CEO, LeanPath, Oregon; Cheryl Kollin, Program Director, Community Food Rescue, Maryland; and Michael Keleman, Manager of Environmental Engineering, Emerson, Wisconsin

To see a listing of other FOOD WASTE and Related EVENTS at the ISWA/SWANA meeting, please go here.

2017 Environment and Emergencies Forum
September 26-28, 2017
Nairobi, Kenya

The Environment and Emergencies Forum brings together approximately 100 practitioners from around the world to showcase innovations in environmental emergency preparedness and response, and to highlight current efforts on integrating environmental risk in humanitarian action. Hosted by UN Environment, the Forum explores the nexus of environmental risk and humanitarian crisis against the backdrop of other trends such as urbanization and industrialization.

Carl Bruch, Senior Attorney and ELI's Director of International Programs, will be moderating two panels at the event. For more information, visit http://eecentre.org/eef/.


ACS Oregon Lawyer Chapter: U.S. Supreme Court Review and Preview
October 9, 2017, 11:45 am - 1:30 pm
Portland, Oregon

The American Constiution Society's Oregon Lawyer Chapter will be holding its annual U.S. Supreme Court event on October 9, featuring a panel of experts in civil, criminal, immigration, and administrative law who will review the Court’s past term and preview the 2017-2018 docket. 

Moderator: Jay Austin, Senior Attorney, Environmental Law Institute

Speakers: Gilbert Paul Carrasco, Professor of Law, Willamette University College of Law; Jeffrey C. Dobbins, Associate Professor of Law, Willamette University College of Law; Carrie Leonetti, Associate Professor, University of Oregon School of Law; and Scott L. Nelson, Attorney, Public Citizen Litigation Group

For more information or to register, click here.

Impacts World Conference 2017
October 11-13, 2017
Potsdam, Germany

Xiao Recio-Blanco, Director of ELI's Ocean Program, will be a panelist in "Land and Sea Interfaces of the Sustainable Development Goals," to be held on October 13. His presentation will focus on finding adequate legal principles and tools for the implementation of SDG14, which is to "conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development." Visit https://www.impactsworld2017.org/ for more information.

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Organizing a conference or workshop? Visit ELI's Expert Guide for a list of potential panelists and speakers.