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Rising Above the Rhetoric: ELI's Take on the 2016 Presidential Election

Here at the Environmental Law Institute, we have started getting questions about the meaning of the election for environmental protection, and, in particular, for environmental law. As a 50 year-old non-partisan think-and-do tank focused on building good governance and rule of law in the environmental arena, we think it is important to look past campaign rhetoric in responding to this question. The election of President-Elect Trump was not in our view a referendum on the environment.


Top UN Official: Environmental Protection in War More Urgent Than Ever

Ambassador Marie G. Jacobsson Honored at Fourth Annual Al-Moumin Award and Distinguished Lecture on Environmental Peacebuilding

Washington, DC – In a year dominated by the tragedy of war, there is no more urgent time to address the need to protect the environment in armed conflicts, Ambassador Marie G. Jacobsson said today at the Fourth Annual Al-Moumin Lecture on Environmental Peacebuilding.


A Post-Animal Bioeconomy: Environmental Law Institute and New Harvest to Explore Public Reactions to Cellular Agriculture

(Washington, DC; New York, NY) –  The Environmental Law institute (ELI) and New Harvest announced today the launch of a new project to explore public perceptions and attitudes towards the production and consumption of synthetically engineered food. The project, funded by the Lounsbery Foundation, is designed to enable more strategic investments in cellular agriculture research to develop an alternative food supply through proactive stakeholder engagement and a better understanding of consumer preferences and public perceptions of potential future commercial products.


ELI Launches Project to Study the Energy and Environmental Implications of the Sharing Economy

Washington, DC –  The Environmental Law institute (ELI) announced today the launch of a new project to explore the energy and environmental implications of the sharing economy, with support for the initial research phase and workshop provided by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.  Sharing platforms such as Uber and Airbnb now have multi-billion dollar valuations and command increasing market shares in the transportation and accommodation sectors.


ELI Creates Model Law for Implementing Nationally Determined Contributions Under the Paris Agreement

Washington, DC: The Paris Agreement, with its goal of limiting the rise in global temperature to 2°C relative to pre-industrial times, will go into effect November 4th. To support the progress of those countries that are serious about meeting their Paris Climate Agreement goals, the Environmental Law Institute drafted a straightforward model frameworkfor a national-level, climate change law, taking the Paris Agreement as its starting point.