ELI & Collaborators Host Free Webinar on Digital Solutions for the Environment

January 2021

(Washington, DC): When it comes to innovation and the environment, Denis Hayes, Organizer of the First Earth Day & CEO of the Bullitt Foundation, once said, “I’m a huge believer in technology, not as a deus ex machina that will magically solve all of our problems, but as an absolutely crucial element of progress.” But while entrepreneurs and startup companies may have a wealth of creativity, energy, and determination, they often lack the one thing necessary to bring their ideas to fruition — capital. In some instances, larger companies have been willing to step in to help fund the work. How can we increase and improve collaboration between large corporations and start-ups to accelerate innovation for the betterment of our environment?

Last November, the Environmental Law Institute, with the support of our GreenTech sponsors, launched the GreenTech Webinar Series (2020-2021). This free, 8-part series brings together environmental thought leaders on a wide-range of timely topics, including  renewable energy technologies, new approaches to energy storage, digitization of water and energy services, tech equity, technologies supporting the circular economy, technologies with promise for advancing environmental justice, green transportation, and harnessing environmental big data.

The second webinar of the series, Liberating Digital Solutions for the Environment: Catalyzing New Ideas, will take place Thursday, January 14. Hear from entrepreneurs who have successfully used corporate collaboration to further their companies as well as from those in the corporate world who have helped shaped these financial arrangements. Direct finance, joint development projects, and IP negotiation are just some topics to be discussed at this free event. Panelists include:

The webinar series stems from GreenTech 2019, hosted by the Environmental Law Institute and collaborators in Seattle, Washington, to explore innovative and transformative technologies and the unique opportunities and challenges they present for protecting the environment. ELI’s President, Scott Fulton, observed, “The GreenTech Initiative reflects the conviction of ELI and the initiative’s sponsors that technology will play a major role in the years ahead in expanding understanding of environmental phenomena, reducing environmental impacts, and guiding strategic interventions. It also promises to redefine governance approaches to environmental protection.” 

Brad Marten of Marten Law, one of the initiative’s sponsors, agreed: “Emerging technology is perhaps our most significant new asset in the unending quest for environmental quality. We want to shine a light on key development, and help catalyze their advance, through the GreenTech initiative.”

Because an in-person gathering was not feasible for 2020, the GreenTech Planning Committee decided to hold this series of free webinars to keep the dialogue moving forward.  Join these conversations to learn about current technology solutions applied to real-world environmental challenges and contribute to the debate on the social, economic, and policy implications.  Learn more at https://www.greentechconference.org/webinar-series.

This free webinar would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors: Intel, Amazon, BNSF, Marten Law, and Exelon.

The Details:

  • What: Liberating Digital Solutions for the Environment: Catalyzing New Ideas
  • When: January 14, 2021 - 2:00 - 3:15 pm ET
  • Where: Zoom
  • How: Register here

For more information, visit https://www.greentechconference.org/webinar-series.