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Industrial Agriculture Law and Policy Center: Public Presentations and Convenings

Center staff regularly conduct educational activities. These typically describe the impacts of industrial agricultural practices on the environment, as well as the opportunities for—and obstacles to—responding to those impacts through law and policy. Public presentations and convening activities include:

  • "Genetic Engineering: The Good, The Bad, and The Necessary," ELI 50th Anniversary Seminar, Washington, DC (2019).
  • "Upper Mississippi States: Innovative Financing for Nutrient Reduction," ELI webinar (2019).
  • “Big Ag, Food, and 21st Century Environmental Policy,” 32nd Annual Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, Eugene, OR (2014).
  • “Time to Clear the Air: Animal Factories & Air Pollution,” 32nd Annual Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, Eugene, OR (2014).
  • “Advancing Animal Welfare Reform: Humanitarian, Legislative, and Philanthropic Perspectives,“ panel presentation & luncheon convened as part of the Rachel’s Network Speaker Series, Cosmos Club, Washington, DC (2013).
  • “The Environmental Consequences of Industrialized Agriculture,” teleconference hosted by Rachel’s Network, Animals & Society Learning Circle (2013).
  • "Animal Factories & Antibiotic Resistance: What's at Stake and What's Being Done to Turn the Tide?" 31st Annual Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, Eugene, OR (2013).
  • "Agriculture and Environmental Protection: The 2012 Farm Bill and Beyond," National Teleconference hosted by ELI and featuring expert panelists (2012).
  • "Sustainability and Ethics of Animal Farming Practices," Working in the Public Interest (WIPI) Conference, University of Georgia Law School, Athens, GA (2012).
  • "Factory Farming: Environmental Consequences and Legal Responses," Third Annual Animal Law Section CLE, Louisiana State Bar Association, New Orleans, LA (2011).
  • "Old MacDonald Had a Factory? Environmental and Animal Welfare Impacts of Factory Farms," event at Drexel University Law School, sponsored by the Drexel Law Student Animal Legal Defense Fund and Drexel Environmental Law Society, Philadelphia, PA (2011).
  • "Animal Factories and Commodity Crops: Legal Approaches for Combating the Environmental Harms," 29th Annual Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, Eugene, OR (2011).
  • "Using Environmental Laws to Crack Down on Animal Agriculture," 18th Annual Animal Law Conference at Lewis and Clark Law School, Portland, OR (2010).
  • "Charting a Course for the Protection of Farmed Animals: Legal and Economic Approaches," conference on the Future of Animal Law, sponsored by the Animal Legal Defense Fund, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA (2010).