2021 National CWA 303(d) and Data Management Training Workshop — Presentations and Materials

Session 1: CWA 303(d) Program Implementation - Present and Future

The Re-Vision: Draft Recommendations for the 303(d) Vision Update -- Jeff Berckes (IA) and Traci Iott (CT) 

Thoughtful Steps in the Path Ahead: Vision Process -- Rosaura Conde (EPA HQ) 


Session 2: Environmental Justice

Introduction to Environmental Justice - Charles Lee (EPA OEJ)

Waikalua Loko I’a -- Herb Lee (Pacific American Foundation)

Executive Order 13985 - Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government

Executive Order 14008 - Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad

Executive Order 13990 - Protecting Public Health and the Environment and Restoring Science To Tackle the Climate Crisis

Memorandum: Modernizing Regulatory Review


Session 3: Climate Change

Considering Climate Change in TMDLs -- Justin Williams (VA)

Climate Change Considerations -- Kristy Fortman (MT) 

Climate Change: Incorporating Climate Change Considerations Into TMDLs -- Kevin Kirsch (WI) 


Session 4: Climate Change and Environmental Justice Discussions and Trainings

Tools for Environmental Justice: EJSCREEN and EnviroAtlas

EJSCREEN: EPA's Environmental Justice Screening Tool -- Matt Lee (EPA OEJ)

EnviroAtlas: Connecting People, Nature, Health, and the Economy -- Anne Neale and Jessica Daniel (EPA ORD)

Considering Climate Change and Environmental Justice through the Recovery Potential Screening Tool and Watershed Index Online

Presentation -- Miranda Chien-Hale (EPA HQ), Emily Cira (EPA HQ), and Andy Somor (Cadmus)

Accounting for Climate Change: Approaches and Lessons

Assessment and Management of Climate Change in the Chesapeake TMDL - Lewis Linker (EPA CBP)

Columbia River Cold Water Refuges Plan -- John Palmer (Region 10)

"Climate change" or "a changing climate": A survey of approaches to account for climate change in MN watershed studies -- Andrea Plevan (MN) 


Session 5: Breakouts I

ATTAINS: A Training on TMDL Entry

How to Enter a TMDL Action in ATTAINS: User Web-Interface -- Vilma Rivera-Carrero (EPA R5)

Handout: Actions Batch Upload

How to Answer Common Questions with Available Data Tools

How to Answer Common Questions with Available Data Tools -- Dwane Young (EPA HQ), Jesse Boorman-Padgett (EPA HQ) 

How Tribes Can Use the CWA to Protect their Water Resources

Overview of CWA Programs -- Jim Havard (EPA HQ)

CWA Protection and Restoration of Skokomish Reservation and Watershed -- Seth Book (SIT) 

Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma CWA § 106 & 319 Activities -- Kerstien McMurl (ITO)

Litigation on CWA 303(d) Listing and TMDLs

303(d) Litigation Highlights (2020-21) -- Jim Curtin, Tom Glazer, Steve Sweeney, Alec Mullee, and Andrea Priest (EPA OGC)

Continuing Planning Process and Water Quality Management Plan Requirements: Perspectives of EPA Region 6, New Mexico & Texas

A Regional Perspective -- Richard Wooster (EPA R6)

WQMP/CPP in New Mexico -- Heidi Henderson (NM)

Updating TMDLs in Texas Through the WQMP Process -- Kerry Niemann (TX) 

Storytelling for Impact

Workbook: Storytelling for Impact -- Professor John D. Trybus (Georgetown University)

Updates on Protection

Presentation -- Miranda Chien-Hale (EPA HQ), Steve Epting (EPA HQ), Sequoya Bua-Iam (ORISE Fellow at EPA HQ), and Ashley Beranek (WI)

The Compendium of State Approaches to Protection


Session 6: Breakouts II

ATTAINS: A Secret Sauce Training Focused on Batch Uploads

ATTAINS Secret Sauce -- Dwane Young (EPA HQ), Jesse Boorman-Padgett (EPA HQ) 

Handout: Navigating ATTAINS Using the Web Addresses 

Handout: Fixing Delistings

Handout: Batch Upload 

Handout: Accessing Data 

Handout: ATTAINS Data in How's My Waterway 2.0 

Open Source Tools for Automating Water Quality Data Discovery and Analysis

Presentation -- Cristina Mullin, PhD (ORISE Fellow), Jake Greif (ORISE Fellow), Shelly Thawley (EPA HQ), and Monique Dulac (EPA HQ)

CWA 303(d) TAS and Insights on Managing a TMDL Program

303(d) Treatment in a similar manner as States (TAS) -- Dylan Laird (EPA HQ)

Alternative Restoration Plans (ARP) and Category 5-Alt

Alternative Restoration Plans -- Amy Feingold (Region 4) and Chris Hunter (EPA HQ) 

Data Visualization

ESRI Presentation Links

Data Visualization I: Designing Effective Charts -- Simon A. Queenborough (Yale School of the Environment)

Handout: How To Canva


Session 7: Breakouts III

Assessment Unit Segmentation Practices

Redefining Segmentation - Lesley Merrick (OR)

AU Re-segmentation in Utah -- Elise Hinman (UT)

West Virginia's Redesign of their Assessment Units -- Chris Daugherty (WV)

Regional Monitoring Networks: Continuous Data Tools and Management

Challenges from the Regional Monitoring Networks: Continuous Data Tools and Management -- Britta Bierwagen (EPA HQ)

Transforming Trail Camera Images of Streams into a Knowledge Base for Assessment -- Mary Becker (CT)

Estimating Stream Flow from Images: Progress to Date -- Ben Letcher (USGS)

Continuous Data Logger Processing App -- Tim Martin (MN)

Types, Uses, and Data Management of Continuous Monitoring -- Bob Schuster, Mike Kusmiesz, Lucas Marxen (NJ)

Prioritizing Waters with Improved Approaches

Wisconsin’s Approach to Prioritizing Waters for Restoration Planning -- Ashley Beranek and Kevin Kirsch (WI)

A Description of Louisiana's New Vision Prioritization Process -- Chuck Berger (LA) 

Recovery Potential Screening Tool: Introduction and Overview -- Andy Somor (Cadmus)

Understanding the Different Types of Plans Available for the CWA 303(d) Program

What Are My Options? 303(d) Planning for Restoration -- Amy Feingold (Region 4) and Chris Hunter (EPA HQ) 

Handout: References for Understanding the Different Types of Plans Available for the CWA 303(d) Program

Implementable TMDLs

Finding the Path Forward to TMDL Implementation -- Heather Husband (ND)

The Mystic River Watershed Alternative TMDL -- Patrick Herron (Mystic River Watershed Association), Ivy Mlsna (Region 1), and Laura Schifman (MA)

Model Types and Model Selection

Model Types -- Erik Makus (Region 8)

Water Quality Model Selection -- Ben Cope (Region 10)


Wrap-Up and Send Off

National 303(d)/TMDL Webinar Series -- Emma Gildesgame (NEIWPCC)