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Water and the Future of Energy


May 30, 2012


Washington, DC

Discussion Topics:

  • Water usage as an increasingly significant consideration in all types of energy projects, especially those involving energy sources that are likely to gain prominence in the future: unconventional natural gas, solar and other renewables, and biofuels
  • Water issues faced by renewable energy technologies and projects
  • Water use and water quality issues in hydraulic fracturing to produce natural gas
  • Water requirements in the production of biofuels
  • Extracting the embedded energy in water and wastewater
  • Water and energy efficiency strategies and technologies


Jim Wrathall, Counsel, ZAG/S&W, former Majority Senior Counsel, U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee (moderator)
Mary Ann Dickinson, Executive Director, Alliance for Water Efficiency
Gabriel Eckstein, Of Counsel, ZAG/S&W
Suzanne Hunt, President, HuntGreen, LLC and Senior Advisor, the Carbon War Room
Jerome C. Muys, Jr., Partner, ZAG/S&W