Stream Compensatory Mitigation -- Credit/Debit Determination

April 11, 2019 2:00 pm — 3:30 pm

ELI is hosting a series of webinars on the policy, practice, and science of stream compensatory mitigation. Webinar topics are based on the findings and recommendations of the 2017 report Stream Mitigation: Science, Policy, and Practice and selected in coordination with an Advisory Committee of stream mitigation experts. The series will cover a range of issues from assessing stream functions and conditions to restoration approaches and long-term success of compensation projects. This ten-part series is funded by an EPA Wetland Program Development Grant.

Stream Compensatory Mitigation Webinar Series: Credit/Debit Determination

The 2008 compensatory mitigation rule allows for considerable variation in determining credits and debits. States and US Army Corps of Engineers districts across the country are currently working on developing new credit/debit approaches and methodologies. For this webinar, our panelists will discuss three such approaches. Danny Bennett (West Virginia Department of Natural Resources) will discuss the West Virginia SWVM (Stream and Wetland Valuation Metric); Julia McCarthy (US EPA) will present the new Wyoming Stream Quantification Tool and new Wyoming Stream Mitigation Procedures, and Josh Frost (USACE, Nashville District) will discuss a new Stream Quantification Tool for Tennessee. 


  • Danny Bennett: Natural Resource Program Manager, West Virginia Division of Natural Resources 
  • Julia McCarthy: Environmental Scientist, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 8
  • Vena Jones: Environmental Consultant, Tennessee Department of Environmental & Conservation, Division of Water Resources


Danny Bennett Presentation

Julia McCarthy Presentation

Vena Jones Presentation

Additional Information/Resources:
Visit ELI's resource page, The State of Stream Compensatory Mitigation: Science, Policy, and Practice