Representing Truth in Agriculture (Food Integrity Campaign's 10th Anniversary Conference)

November 15, 2019 8:00 am — 4:00 pm
Washington, DC

ELI is pleased to co-sponsor FIC's 10th Anniversary Conference

Conference Panels:
Underrepresented Truth: Exploring inadequate and unequal access to environmental justice (unique challenges of low-wage workers, immigrants, undocumented workers and the rural poor.
Overcoming legal bars to truth-telling: Legal professionals discuss industry tricks of the trade such as veggie libel, SLAPP suits, defamation threats, non-disclosure agreements, and sealing documents.
Contract Farmers and the Growing Resistance in Rural America: Former whistleblowers and their allies who challenge corrupt corporate farming models.
Fast Food: Impacts of USDA’s Increased Pork and Poultry Line Speeds. What does this mean for workers, animals, food safety and the environment?
Food and Climate Change: The truth about how what we eat can affect the planet. Panelists discuss the role of agriculture in the mitigation of our climate crises.