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Reporting on Climate Change: Understanding the Science


October 16, 2003


Washington, DC

The public gets most of its information on global climate change and other environmental and natural resources issues from the mass media. But what if the mass media gets it wrong? The challenges of accurately reporting on environmental issues increases in areas marked not only by intense controversy but also by frequently complex and sometimes arcane science. A new ELI book — Reporting on Climate Change: Understanding the Science — is the third in a series aimed at providing print and broadcast reporters and editors a practical and workable understanding of the anthropogenic and natural forces behind climate change.

On October 16, 2003 the principal authors, Bud Ward, Joe Davis and Debbie Cohen explained the rationale behind their approach and provided useful insights for the media — and also their audiences — to come to grips with the substantial body of scientific literature on the global climate change issue. In addition, the authors described a new and major series of scientist’s and journalist’s workshops aimed at improving communications to the public on complex scientific issues such as global climate change and marine sciences.