Modeling for Lawyers

December 2, 2020 1:30 pm — 2:30 pm

An ELI and Energy Bar Association Co-Sponsored Webinar

As the energy transition accelerates, power system modeling is being used in more and more studies and scenario analysis to explore the types of grid changes needed to incorporate massive quantities of renewable energy and allow for the retirement of fossil generation. While the purview of system planners, corporate and organizational clients need help form and represent positions during related stakeholder meetings or comment on published studies. This program will review some of the basics of power system modeling to familiarize EBA members with key terminology, tools, how system modeling works and what it can and cannot do. Arranged as a series of mini-classes for the attorneys and other EBA professional members, these classes will provide a time-efficient education of some basics that practitioners should know to help advise and represent clients.


Benjamin D’Antonio, Counsel and Analyst, New England States Committee on Electricity (“NESCOE”)
Alan McBride, Director, Transmission Services and Resource Qualification, ISO New England Inc.
Dr. Kathleen Spees, Principal, The Brattle Group