Long-Term Management Plan

July 31, 2013 12:27 pm — 12:27 pm

The In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Training Webinar Series was designed to help states, tribes, and local governments; conservation organizations; and other interested groups develop or refine rigorous in-lieu-fee programs that yield ecologically effective and sustainable compensatory mitigation. The series of webinars focuses on specific subjects, providing in-depth technical support on the topics of most interest to participants. The topics were chosen with the assistance of an Advisory Committee based on an assessment of the needs of states, tribes, and local governments and conservation organizations seeking approval for or overseeing the approval of statewide or regional in-lieu fee programs.

Long-Term Management Plan

The 2008 compensatory mitigation rule requires that all mitigation projects have a long-term management plan that specifies the parties responsible for long-term management and maintenance, the long-term management and maintenance requirements for the site, the party responsible for long-term ownership, the annual management costs for the project, and the funding mechanism that will be used to meet those costs, among other requirements. For this webinar, Palmer Hough (US Environmental Protection Agency) discussed the regulatory requirements for the long-term management plan. Deborah Rogers (Center for Natural Lands Management) presented an example long-term management plan. Sylvia Bates (Land Trust Alliance) talked about partnerships for long-term management, including what ILF program sponsors should expect when working with the land trust community on long-term management and what land trusts can expect from ILF program sponsors.


  • Palmer Hough, US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Deborah Rogers, Center for Natural Lands Management
  • Sylvia Bates, Land Trust Alliance


Webinar recording of event.