In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Training Webinar: Performance Standards

December 10, 2015 1:00 pm — 2:30 pm

The In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Training Webinar Series is designed to help states, tribes, and local governments; conservation organizations; and other interested groups develop or refine rigorous in-lieu-fee programs that yield ecologically effective and sustainable compensatory mitigation. The series of webinars will focus on specific subjects, providing in-depth technical support on the topics of most interest to participants. The topics were chosen with the assistance of an Advisory Committee based on an assessment of the needs of states, tribes, and local governments and conservation organizations seeking approval for or overseeing the approval of statewide or regional in-lieu fee programs.

Performance Standards

The first webinar in the 2015-2016 ILF Webinar Series will provide case studies of Performance Standards that have been developed across the country to objectively evaluate compensatory mitigation projects. Federal regulations define performance standards as “observable or measurable physical (including hydrological), chemical and/or biological attributes that are used to determine if a compensatory mitigation project meets its objectives” (33 C.F.R. § 332.2). Performance standards must be objective, verifiable, and based on best available science. The regulations leave substantial discretion to Corps districts to work with federal, state, and local resource agencies to develop performance standards that are appropriate for local aquatic resources. For this webinar, four experts will discuss performance standards that have been developed for various project characteristics or types of aquatic resources. 

Steve Eggers (USACE St. Paul District) will discuss hydrology performance standards and Mike Moxey (USACE Mobile District) will discuss standards the district has developed for savannas. Then, Tom Cavanaugh (USACE South Pacific Division) will discuss performance standards related to vernal pools and Shauna Ginger (USFWS) will talk about species standards.


  • Steve Eggers, US Army Corps of Engineers St. Paul District, 
  • Mike Moxey, US Army Corps of Engineers Mobile District, 
  • Tom Cavanaugh, US Army Corps of Engineers South Pacific Division
  • Shauna Ginger, US Fish and Wildlife Service