GreenTech: Technology and Environmental Justice

July 29, 2021 2:00 pm — 3:15 pm

The events of 2020 brought new urgency to the issue of racial justice and equality. This webinar, moderated by ELI’s President, Scott Fulton, will focus on the potential role of technology in helping ensure the just distribution of environmental benefits, burdens, and opportunities across society. The panel will bring together experts from the tech sector, government, and the environmental justice community to explore the potential of technology to sharpen understanding of which communities are environmentally overburdened and to highlight the sources of those burdens. The panel will also consider current barriers to access to technology and technology-enabled information and how those barriers might be overcome so that technology’s full potential in this space can be realized.

Tiffany Eng
, Green Zones Program Manager, California Environmental Justice Alliance
Scott Fulton
, President, Environmental Law Institute
Taylor Lilley, Environmental Justice Staff Attorney, Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Cecilia Martinez, Senior Director for Environmental Justice, CEQ
LeRoy C. (Lee) Paddock, Visiting Scholar, Environmental Law Institute
Dr. David Padgett, Associate Professor at Tennessee State University

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