The Future is Now: Drones, Satellites, and the New Remote Monitoring Paradigm

July 24, 2018 11:45 am — 1:30 pm
Washington, DC (and webinar)

This “Off the Record” luncheon program was sponsored by the Energy Committee of the D.C. Bar Environment, Energy and Natural Resources Community and co-sponsored by the Environmental Law Institute.

Innovation in unmanned aerial vehicles and satellites represents the new wave of environmental monitoring. More sophisticated and autonomous monitoring has the potential to streamline compliance monitoring for budget-strapped agencies, generate expanded emissions data, and provide another tool for both regulated entities and other groups.

This panel tackled just some of the complex issues raised by drone and satellite monitoring, including: potentially expanded capabilities for emissions monitoring, questions regarding data quality and reliability, how information may be used by various stakeholders, and the appropriate role of new technologies in compliance monitoring.

Philip Father, CEO, Scepter, Inc.
Miles Keogh, National Association of Clean Air Agencies
Sam Sankar, Environmental Council of the States
Andrew Stewart, Sidley Austin (Moderator)
Chet Wayland, Director, Air Quality Assessment Division, US EPA

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