Five Years Later: What Can Animal Law Learn From Environmental Law?

May 12, 2020 12:00 pm — 1:30 pm
Webinar Only

ELI Public Workshop

In the Second Edition of What Can Animal Law Learn From Environmental Law?, Professor Randall Abate assembled an experienced team of 36 academics, advocates, and legal professionals from the environmental and animal law fields to examine the experiences of these two fields. Drawing on lessons from history, politics, and law, the 29-chapter book examines how environmental law’s successes and shortcomings can inform animal law, and how the two fields can work together to secure mutual gains in the future.

How can animal law learn from environmental law in using creative administrative law theories to align enforcement with express protections? What role does wildlife protection play in mitigating climate change? How can state false advertising statutes be used to combat food industry practices that are simultaneously harmful to animals, human health, and the environment? Author panelists, and editor Randall Abate explored these issues and more in this interactive workshop.

Prof. Randall S. Abate, Rechnitz Family and Urban Coast Institute Endowed Chair in Marine and Environmental Law and Policy and Director, Institute for Global Understanding, Monmouth University, Moderator
Mackenzie Landa, Environmental Policy Congressional Staffer, U.S. House of Representatives
Kim E. Richman, Founding Partner, Richman Law Group
Daniel Waltz, Staff Attorney, Animal Legal Defense Fund

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Reserve your copy of What Can Animal Law Learn From Environmental Law? (2d ed., to be published by ELI Press in July 2020)

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