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EPA and the Future of Environmental Protection


April 23, 2019 - April 24, 2019


American University
Grossman Hall (on the Washington College of Law Campus)
4300 Nebraska Avenue, NW
(map/metro/parking info)

Washington, DC


This event is open to the public but you must register and pay the appropriate registration fee ($80-$130).

Co-hosted by American University's Center for Environmental Policy and The Washington College of Law Program on Environmental and Energy Law, in cooperation with the EPA Alumni Association and the Environmental Law Institute.

Following the environmental awakening of the late 1960’s, the US Environmental Protection Agency has helped achieve remarkable environmental progress even as the U.S. population and economy have grown. The agency has led the world in setting science-based standards and promoting environmental progress through innovative policies, partnerships, and local, regional, national and international negotiations.

Environmental protection in the future, however, may require new approaches, new tools, and possibly new legal authorities.

On the eve of the Agency’s 50th anniversary, this conference will consider EPA’s role in leading the nation and the world in meeting future environmental challenges.

Conference panels include:

  • Industry's Push Toward Sustainability
  • New Technologies for Environmental Protection
  • Roundtable discussion with Former EPA Administrators
  • Designing the Future Environmental Enterprise and EPA
  • Telling the Story: Communicating the EPA's Mission and Value
  • The Evolving Relationship Between EPA and the Department of Justice
  • White House Coordination of Federal Environmental Policymaking
  • EPA on the International Stage -- The Agency's Role in Bilateral Capacity-Building Efforts
  • EPA's Interface with States and Tribes
  • The Promise of Regional Collaborative Initiatives
  • Workshop: Next Steps for Building the EPA of the Future