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Over the years, ELI has produced a variety of materials for environmental justice communities. The resources on this page can help all people understand environmental laws and exercise their rights.

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ELI Publications

A Citizens' Guide to Using Alternative Dispute Resolution to Secure Environmental Justice (2011)
Environmental Laws and Alternative Dispute Resolution: Tools for Environmental Justice (2011)
Advancing Public Health and Sustainability Through Brownfields Redevelopment in New Jersey: A Handbook for Local Officials and Communities (2010)
Environmental Enforcement in the U.S./Mexico Border Region: A Community Guide to Enforcement in Texas and Chihuahua (English Edition) (Spanish Edition) (2007)
A Citizen's Guide to Using Federal Environmental Laws to Secure Environmental Justice (2002)
Opportunities for Advancing Environmental Justice: An Analysis of U.S. EPA Statutory Authorities (2001)
Community Environmental Health Assessment Workbook: A Guide to Evaluating Your Community's Health and Finding Ways to Improve It (2000)
Safe Drinking Water Workshop for Consumers (1997)
Radon Guide for Tenants (1997)
Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs): A Guide for Community Residents and Environmental Justice Advocates (1997)
Working With Lawyers: A Guide for Community Residents and Environmental Justice Advocates (English Edition) (Spanish Version) (1996)



ELI has produced a series of factsheets on specific federal environmental laws, key concepts in environmental regulation, and research tools.
ELI has produced a series of factsheets for communities affected by the Gulf oil spill. Available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.



Communities and Environmental Laws (20 minutes)
Comunidades y Leyes Ambientales (20 minutes)



Using Environmental Laws and Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques to Address Environmental Justice (PDF)


Other Resources

Regional and national environmental justice organizations
Community-based research
Environmental Justice for All: A Fifty State Survey of Legislation, Policies and Cases (2010, 4th ed.). UC Hastings and the ABA publish this guide to state law. (PDF)

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