Advancing Public Health and Sustainability Through Brownfields Redevelopment in New Jersey: A Handbook for Local Officials and Communities (2010)

FULL REPORT: Designed for local officials and communities, this report discusses key strategies and resources in New Jersey for identifying brownfields, cleaning up brownfields, and identifying future uses.

Chapter One: Introduces the report and provides an overview of its scope and structure. Discusses the benefits of brownfields redevelopment and the role of municipalities in this process.

Chapter Two: Discusses strategies and resources for collaboration between municipalities and communities on brownfields redevelopment.

Chapter Three: Presents considerations for working with state agencies, and accessing state and federal resources for redeveloping brownfields.

Chapter Four: Discusses considerations and resources for identifying brownfields.

Chapter Five: Discusses considerations and resources for evaluating environmental conditions at brownfields.

Chapter Six: Provides practical considerations for identifying future uses for brownfields, particularly those uses which promote public health.

Chapter Seven: Presents resources and considerations for brownfields cleanup.

Chapter Eight: Discusses resources and strategies for facilitating private investment in brownfields redevelopment.

Appendix A: Information on selected state and federal agencies.

Appendix B: Information on key federal and state brownfields funding and assistance programs.

Appendix C: List of brownfields case studies.