SmartCode Solution to Sprawl, The

The SmartCode Solution to Sprawl
Chad Emerson
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The SmartCode Solution to Sprawl is a practical guide to changing unsustainable land use patterns. The SmartCode is a comprehensive zoning tool designed by a diverse group of planners, designers, attorneys, developers, and concerned citizens led by Andrés Duany, the noted land use expert and one of today’s foremost urban planners.

This guidebook shows how development under conventional zoning codes has driven sprawl — and how communities can use traditional town and neighborhood planning techniques to stop it.  In addition to a comprehensive description of how the SmartCode works, the book provides a blueprint for customizing it for local use.

About the Author

Chad D. Emerson is an Associate Professor of Law at Faulkner University’s Jones School of Law. He joined the faculty in June 2003 after practicing for over five years with the Knoxville, Tennessee law firm of Woolf, McClane, Bright, Allen & Carpenter, PLLC.

Professor Emerson is a graduate of David Lipscomb University and the University of Tennessee College of Law.

Professor Emerson is a frequent national lecturer and author in the field of land planning law with a specific emphasis on smart growth and SmartCode legal issues. He is the administrator of the SmartCode Listserv and the author of smart growth articles including “Making Main Street Legal Again” and “Smart Growth and Schools: Legal Hurdles and Legal Solutions for Community-Scale Schools.”

Professor Emerson can be contacted by telephone at (334) 386-7536 or by e-mail at

Book Reviews

“Emerson's book is an excellent practical examination of the SmartCode that provides essential guidance to developers and planners alike.”
- Nathan R. Norris, Director of Implementation Advisory, PlaceMakers, L.L.C.

“One of the country's foremost legal authorities on traditional planning techniques, Emerson offers a thorough overview of the history of sprawl and how we can reverse this trend with the SmartCode. Using this code to legalize traditional town planning, Emerson organizes the crucial steps that local jurisdictions and developers should use to create sustainable projects, communities, and regions.”
- Anna Lowder & Harvi Sahota, Developers of Hampstead, Montgomery, Alabama