Practical Guide to Environmental Management, 11th Edition

Practical Guide to Environmental Management, 11th Edition
Frank B. Friedman
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Frank Friedman’s Practical Guide to Environmental Management (PGEM) has earned its place among the classic texts on environmental management. PGEM provides readers with the firm grounding in history necessary to put environmental issues in context and a practical map to avoid the pitfalls and capitalize on the potential rewards inherent in the field. It is rare to find a book that combines insight with pragmatism so that it serves as both a desk reference and a definitive treatise.

PGEM now enters its 11th edition with new material on social responsibility, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, criminal sentencing guidelines, and several other areas. This edition of PGEM retains its focus on the practical, while also surveying the developing trends in environmental management. As Friedman notes, environmental management systems and corporate behavior, particularly in developing countries, increasingly serve as the de facto system of environmental governance and are key to ensuring environmental protection goals are met. In this new edition, Friedman does a superb job of orienting the environmental manager in this new era.

Book Reviews

“A candid source of wisdom and advice on the difficult job of combining profitability and environmental protection ... a classic in the field of environmental management.”
- John C. Dernbach, Widener University School of Law, Editor, Stumbling Toward Sustainability

“The only real book out there that gives people hands-on information about environmental management ... I would suggest any new manager read this book. It is a good refresher for more experienced managers as well. I still refer to it...”
- Glenn W. Hammer, V.P., Environment, Health, and Safety, Ashland, Inc.