NEPA Deskbook, 3rd Edition

NEPA Deskbook, 3rd Edition
Nicholas C. Yost, Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal
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This edition is out of print. Click here to see the fourth edition.

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) affects all areas of environmental protection. ELI’s updated NEPA Deskbook, 3rd Edition, presents NEPA, along with supporting and related documents, and provides analysis of NEPA’s provisions and their requirements.

The book begins with a thorough and up-to-date analysis of the Act written by NEPA expert Nicholas C. Yost. This “NEPA primer” provides an overview of the legislation, an analysis of the administrative process under NEPA, and a comprehensive examination of the courts’ role in its enforcement. ELI’s NEPA Deskbook, 3rd Edition, also provides immediate access to the statute, relevant executive orders, regulations and guidance materials issued by the Council on Environmental Quality and other agencies, and important judicial decisions.

NEPA Deskbook, 3rd Edition, is an essential resource for environmental attorneys, compliance managers, environmental consultants, or anyone who deals with environmental regulation and compliance.