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Climate Change Deskbook

Climate Change Deskbook


Tom Mounteer
Price: $119.95

Release Date: 

July 2009






The Climate Change Deskbook is a comprehensive guide and reference to the law of climate change. The first section of the Deskbook is an in-depth analysis of the laws, regulations, and policies that shape our increasingly carbon-constrained world. Readers benefit from the perspective of attorneys with collectively well over one hundred years of experience practicing in environmental law to understand how the fast-moving pieces of the climate change puzzle fit together. The second section of the Deskbook provides those reference materials that you need at your fingertips to help answer your climate questions.

About the Author

Tom Mounteer, a partner in Paul Hastings’ Washington office, helps businesses comply with state and federal environmental laws for controlling air and water pollution and for managing and cleaning up solid and hazardous waste. He helps buyers, sellers, and parties to financings identify, quantify, and allocate environmental liabilities associated with businesses and real estate. He also represents businesses before U.S. Congress and federal and state agencies in a wide range of environmental, health, and safety areas. Mr. Mounteer is the author of many scholarly and professional articles and a frequent speaker on a variety of environmental law topics. Since 1997, Mr. Mounteer has been an adjunct professor in the masters in environmental law program at George Washington University Law School.

Paul Hastings is an international law firm with 18 offices and more than 1,200 lawyers throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States. Paul Hastings’ national environmental practitioners advise clients on all aspects of complex environmental matters, including technical and scientific issues, health-based risk assessments, political concerns, land use issues, litigation exposures, insurance issues, cleanup strategies, government agency interactions, regulatory requirements, and permitting issues. In 2008, combining numerous resources within the firm, Paul Hastings formally chartered its Sustainability and Global Climate Change Practice Group. This Practice Group allows the firm to approach its clients’ sustainability issues comprehensively. The Sustainability and Global Climate Change Practice Group advises on renewable energy projects, regulatory compliance matters, and drafting legislation to ensure responsible use of resources at the international, national, and local level and assisting in the development of LEED-certified buildings.