Air Pollution Control Law: Compliance and Enforcement

Air Pollution Control Law: Compliance and Enforcement
Arnold W. Reitze Jr.
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The most comprehensive, up-to-date guide to and analysis of the Clean Air Act (CAA) is now available from the Environmental Law Institute. Authored by George Washington University Law School Prof. Arnold W. Reitze, Jr., one of the most noted authorities on the Act, Air Pollution Control Law: Compliance and Enforcement explains the legislative provisions, regulatory requirements, and court decisions that comprise the body of air pollution control law.
In 20 detailed chapters, with over 20,000 useful references, Professor Reitze provides a thorough, understandable guide to the legal, technical, scientific, and policy issues surrounding the CAA. No other book so thoroughly summarizes in one volume the complex yet vitally important maze of statutory provisions, regulations, and permitting requirements that characterize CAA implementation. Every aspect of air pollution control policy and law, including contemporary implementation issues and developments, is discussed in detail, and numerous practice and compliance tips are provided. The book includes completely up-to-date discussions of current controversial issues such as greenhouse gas controls, utility emission regulation, the "grandfathering" of existing facilities, and mobile source emissions. The book is designed and organized to both facilitate an understanding of the Act and its requirements and to provide guidance on methods of compliance and enforcement.