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Scientists, Economists Call for ERS, NIFA to Stay in Washington, D.C.

American Agriculturist
October 2, 2018

More than 1,100 scientists and economists are opposing Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue’s proposed USDA reorganization that relocates the Economic Research Service and National Institute of Food and Agriculture outside the nation’s capital.

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Trawling for Peace in a Warming Planet

UN Environment
September 27, 2018

From the South China Sea to the English Channel, Lake Victoria to the Pacific Ocean, the last few decades have seen increased competition for fish stocks. Unlike many other agricultural products which are stationary, many species of fish are highly migratory across various maritime boundaries.

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Blockchain is Revolutionizing Your Ability to Make Environmentally Friendly Purchases

Ensia (by Catherine Early)
September 11, 2018

How environmentally friendly is the coffee you drank this morning? The clothes you’re wearing? What are the social impacts of the chair you’re sitting on? Perhaps you’ve tried to find the answers to questions like these from retailers, but got no response, or just a vague “commitment to sustainability” statement? A desire for products to be clean and green rather than drive climate change, wildlife destruction or modern slavery is a growing trend, particularly among younger consumers. But shopping ethically is often more easily said than done.

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In India, Can the World’s Cleanest Fuel Clear the Air?

Next City (by Deepali Srivastava)
June 4, 2018

India’s highest court forced Delhi, the world’s most polluted megacity, to start selling Euro VI-grade fuel. With the rest of the country to follow within two years, will the move help India curb its deadly air pollution? . . .

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What is the Future for Aerosol Cans in America?

Recycling International (by Kirstin Linnenkoper)
May 24, 2018

Aerosol cans account for nearly half of the materials in the US retail sector covered by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. ‘Re-harvesting them can be undertaken in an environmentally protective manner,’ says Scott Fulton, president of the Environmental Law Institute (ELI) which has published a report ‘Considering the Fate of Consumer Aerosol Cans’. . . .

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Meet the Man Helping Pruitt Reshape Science

E&E ClimateWire (by Scott Waldman)
May 23, 2018

One of Scott Pruitt's most enduring legacies may be the way he curtailed EPA's use of science. He didn't do it alone. Richard Yamada is a quiet force behind Pruitt's effort to add industry voices to agency advisory boards, sideline some research used to craft regulations, and debate climate science. . . .

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Industry Wants 'More Oomph' in Planned NEPA Overhaul

E&E GreenWire (by Nick Sobczyk)
May 21, 2018

The Trump administration has sought a slate of quick regulatory reforms over the past year, tweaking environmental permitting requirements everywhere from EPA to the Federal Communications Commission. But potentially the most consequential change will be a slower burn. The White House Council on Environmental Quality is seeking to update its National Environmental Policy Act regulations, a process experts expect could take over a year. . . .

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W&M Law Student Wins Writing Competition

William & Mary News
May 21, 2018

The Environmental Law Institute has chosen an article by Kristin McCarthy, a rising third-year student at William & Mary Law School, as the winner of its 2017-2018 Henry L. Diamond Constitutional Environmental Law Writing Competition, the Institute announced May 15. . . .

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Moss Landing’s Kerstin Wasson, Happy as a Scientist in Mud

Monterey Herald (by Vicky Stein)
May 16, 2018

For more than 18 years, Kerstin Wasson has plowed through mud, eelgrass, and brackish water in a quest to understand and preserve the salt marshes of the West Coast. In recognition of her many contributions to science and conservation, the Environmental Law Institute honored Wasson on May 9 at the National Wetlands Awards in Washington, DC. . . .

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Lisa Jackson wins ELI's 2018 Environmental Achievement Award for work with Apple & EPA

AppleInsider (by Roger Fingas)
May 14, 2018

A think tank, the Environmental Law Institute, is awarding Apple VP Lisa Jackson its Environmental Achievement Award both for her work at Apple and her long tenure with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, where she was made administrator under President Barack Obama. . . .

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