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Trump order will be hard to overturn — legal experts

February 9, 2017

A lawsuit challenging President Trump's executive order requiring federal agencies to scrap two regulations for every new one created may face an uphill road in the courts, say legal experts.

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Mid-Atlantic States Identify Wetland Restoration as Key Action for Reducing Climate Risk

Southeast Green
January 26, 2017

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Council on the Ocean (MARCO), a partnership of five Mid-Atlantic states, has released a report on the role of Mid-Atlantic coastal wetlands in reducing climate risk. The report examines current practices for identifying and prioritizing wetlands for their ability to reduce climate risk and enhance climate resilience in the region. The report, prepared by the Environmental Law Institute (ELI), identifies opportunities for improving how coastal wetlands can serve as climate buffers in the coastal states of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

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What the hell is going on at the EPA right now?

January 26, 2017

It’s safe to say there’s an enormous amount of panic — and confusion — about what’s going on with the Trump administration and the Environmental Protection Agency right now.

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Staff told to 'stand down' on axing climate page

E&E News
January 25, 2017

Trump administration officials appear to have walked back plans to scrub climate change references from U.S. EPA's website... "I would say it's probably expected under the circumstances," said Scott Fulton, who was EPA's general counsel during the Obama administration.

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State of Resistance: Protecting California’s Air and Water

Capital and Main
January 24, 2017

...Jim McElfish, a senior attorney with the Washington, D.C.-based Environmental Law Institute, points out that Wisconsin was once “one of the great environmental pioneers” and the home of conservationist hero Aldo Leopold. Now, with Wisconsin under conservative political leadership, environmental groups complain that the state has scrubbed all mention of climate change from its official websites, and say officials repeatedly turn a blind eye to Clean Water Act violations.

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Trump Administration Will Have Limited Power to Change Environmental Policy

The Epoch Times
January 12, 2017

The power exerted by a U.S. president or Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator is diluted by layers of litigation and regulatory processes... “The federal budget process will deserve a very close look as this administration starts to influence that process,” said Scott Fulton, president of the Environmental Law Institute.

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