Community Education and Training Program

ELI’s Community Education and Training Program provides citizens and grassroots groups with information on environmental law and policy that can help them participate effectively in the decisions that impact public health and the environment in their communities. These activities aim to provide practical, strategic information on how citizens can use the system of environmental law to change government and industry practices. The Program seeks to marshal ELI’s considerable experience in creating environmental training and education programs, to benefit those who traditionally have not had a voice in the law and policy arena.

The Program’s activities have included training courses on right-to-know laws and series of workshops titled “demystifying the law,” which focused on using the tools of public participation to address issues ranging from hazardous waste disposal to land use planning. We have also developed a number of community guidebooks, assisted citizens in tracking down information on different subjects, and helped groups in locating federal, state and local resources.

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  • Environmental Law Training for the Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice (for Citizens in the Southwest) — Austin, TX (2000); Oakland, CA (1999); Albuquerque, NM (1998, 1995)
  • Cleaning Up Our Communities: Tools for Environmental Health Assessment — Atlanta, GA (1998)
  • Health Promotion Through Pollution Prevention: Investigating Toxic Releases in Your Community (for the National Coalition of Hispanic Health and Human Services Organizations) (1994)