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About the ELI Associates Program

If you think all environmental law group affiliations are alike, the Environmental Law Institute® will make you think again. As an ELI Associate, you get thought-provoking analysis, incomparable opportunities for networking and career development, free seminars and policy forums, and instant information access. You are also a key part of an independent research and educational institution that has challenged the conventional wisdom, and worked hard to better the protection of the environment and the well being of society.

  • Thought-Provoking Analysis
  • Networking and Career Building
  • Seminars & Policy Forums
  • Instant Information Access

Thought-Provoking Analysis

Subscribing to the The Environmental Forum® is simple: it is included in your full year’s membership to ELI.* ELI’s award-winning bimonthly policy journal delivers in-depth articles and the inside story on today’s critical issues and tomorrow’s sunrise issues. Forum articles are written by members of Congress, senior corporate executives, EPA and state environmental administrators, private attorneys, and environmental activists. The Forum brings you a range of views from those shaping law and policy today, and helps you make sense out of complex public policy debates. We give you the whole perspective, so you can reach your own conclusions.

* You must be an ELI member to receive this subscription.

Networking and Career Building

As an ELI Associate, you will be listed in, and have access to, the online ELI Associates Directory — your personal guide to the field’s movers-and-shakers. No other membership gives you an instant guide to the most important figures in the field and places you solidly in that network.

We also provide our Associates with access to new job postings through our weekly e-mail newsletter, so you will be among the first to know when there is an interesting opening in your field. And when you make a career move, ELI will be there to report on your professional progress in The Environmental Forum® “People to Know” section.

Seminars & Policy Forums

We also offer you FREE seminars and policy forums throughout the year. Most events are also available via webinar/teleconference. Top practitioners, policymakers and other experts analyze recent developments and forecast coming trends. Our occasional CLE events have substantial discounts for ELI members.

Instant Information Access

Through the ELI Associates custom website, you’ll have exclusive and instantaneous access to the library of archived streaming videos and materials of past ELI seminars and educational programs.

You will be able to read the current issue of The Environmental Forum®, and will have access to past articles and columns from the journal. You will also have access to the years of environmental law and policy research conducted by ELI research teams. These reports are stored on the ELI Web site as PDF files, and are available for ELI Associates to download, FREE.

West Academic -- publisher of ELI titles and 1,800+ legal education and reference titles -- gives ELI members a 15% discount on every title it publishes! Please contact for the member discount code to use at checkout on the West Academic site.

In addition to the standard rates below, Full-time students may receive a complimentary membership. To do so: (1) go HERE to register your full contact/mailing information (you must also include your USPS mailing address) and then (2) email with your expected graduation date.

Note: If you are at a NON-U.S. mailing address you should sign up for one of the "International" rates below (regardless of your affiliation).

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