Kinnan Golemon

Partner, Brown McCarroll law firm; staff member Texas Water Pollution Control Board

Kinnan Golemon, a new engineering graduate entering law school at the University of Texas, was advised by a family friend and state legislator to become a pollution lawyer because “there aren’t any.  And people don’t like smoke coming out of smokestacks and junk coming out of discharge pipes.  And the world’s going to be changing.  And they’re going to need people representing folks in that arena.”  Shrewdly recognizing the opportunity, law student Golemon wangled a job with the new Texas Water Pollution Control Board and in time became a nationally recognized leader in the environmental, energy, and natural resources law field. He is now the founder and President of KG Strategies, Inc.

For over three decades, Golemon was a partner with Brown, McCarroll LLP practicing environmental law in the Austin office.  From 1992 to 2006, he served as General Counsel for the Texas Chemical Council, the association representing approximately 90 chemical manufacturers in Texas.  For over 45 years, he has provided professional advice, counsel, strategic planning, and public advocacy on a host of complex issues in his field.

Golemon was a founder and past chair of the State Bar of Texas Environmental  and Natural Resources Law Section  and has held numerous leadership positions in the American Bar Association's Section on Environment, Energy and Natural Resources, including representing the Section in the ABA House of Delegates.  In addition to his many professional and community service activities, Golemon is proudest of his service as a mentor and role model to many other lawyers.  He encourages them to achieve professional and personal excellence through diligent work with integrity, grace, and good humor, all qualities Golemon’s many friends and colleagues recognize in him.